Dubai's first and only 100% raw, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, preservative-free kitchen and café.


Super Natural Kitchen makes the connection between food, health, body, mind and soul. Our food is created to taste absolutely delicious and to do you good. Food that allows your body to thrive and food that looks and tastes spectacular are not two separate entities. Our mission is to prove just that.

We use organic and locally grown produce whenever possible, allowing the true unadulterated flavours of quality ingredients to shine through. From our Super Natural Kitchen, we are active across Dubai throughout the vegan and across the wellness spectrum. You will find us organising workshops, hosting events and catering for community gatherings. We also deliver delicious, healthy food to your home.

Our ethics go beyond food. Super Natural Kitchen is plastic free. We only use stainless steel straws, and all of our delivery containers from VegWare are plant-based and completely compostable. We promote compassionate living, food that is in harmony with your body and the philosophy that peace starts on your plate.